Updates on news and other happenings that are occurring in and around my world.


New work on the website  from  a trip to this years  National Cross Country Championship.
This year the conditions were extreme – the course water logged due to two storm systems Ciara and Dennis hitting the week before.


While watching the young athletes cross the line looking rather dazed and stunned, the sheer effort to finish the race was etched on their faces.
In an age when kids are getting a bad reputation for being sedentary, it’s great to witness young people pushing themselves to the line.


I contribute to Millennium Images excellent

photo library.


They have just launched their sixth catalogue, ‘AM/PM’ .

The concertina-style book  is set over the 24 hour period. It takes its viewer on a journey from the dead of night to the golden light of a summer afternoon.


Designed by the artist Jasper Jones this book draws from Jones’s latest photographic work, ‘Scroll’.


I’m very happy to be part of this catalogue ,

and photo library, hopefully it seeks to inspire.


2019 you left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Lets hope 2020 is a little bit sweeter.




My portrait of a friends daughter Edie has been shortlisted in the Kids section of Production Paradise’s  2019 Spotlight Awards.

Which is very exciting news as it’s a bit of a favourite.


I’ve joined up with Millennium Images to syndicate some of my fine art and personal work.

Excited to see the work now up on the site with more images following soon.


Uploaded some new images from my Gym class project.

I ‘ve been working with the fantastic people at Richmond Gymnastics Association.

Working with their Disability group of gymnasts as part of my “Sport for all” series.



Looking forward to spending time over the next few week with my head in a trusty Ordnance Survey map following my own desire line!

You never know it might even generate some fun for someone else too!


My piece from The Dream keeper show

has just this week gone up at M&C Saatchi London.


Great to see the images back where they belong.

On a wall!

This time round I mixed it up a bit more to fit the space.

Good to keep it fluid.


Big thanks to Mimi Gray@M&C for letting me get the work out of cold storage and let it see the warm light of day again.




I just wanted to share this shot – I love the emotional connection the girl has with her pony and also the way that they both seem to share the same mane !


The shot was taken while on a recent trip to Northern Ireland .



All the preparation and effort paid off. The work looked fantastic on the walls and the crowds came in their droves to support the show.

Well done #teamprocess for making it such a great occasion.


I’m working on a group show with the other photographers from my agency Process at the mo.


All very exciting and really having fun getting into doing some big old prints.

If you fancy coming then drop me a line.





I’m kicking this new year off with an image from the Walking Football story that’s now on my website.


I hope everyone has a great new season with plenty of goals. You stay injury free and your supporters are always behind you.


My blogging duties have been well and

truly neglected of late.


So here you go a little post to say that I have refreshed the website with a  handful of new projects and updated a few of the existing projects with new imagery completed since my last blog post.





Many miles have been travelled over the last couple of

months on a number of nice projects.


As soon as I get through the edits I’ll share them on the site.


But in the meantime here is a moody shot to start with!




The printer has finally stopped chugging out new imagery for the folio and we are now ready to share the delights of a new book.


With so much sunshine beaming through the window today this feels like the right image to post.

let’s hope the blossom is finally here and the windows can stay open for a little longer.



I have been putting the miles in over the past few months shooting some more images for my ever expanding

Angles Meridian project.

The latest selections are up on the website now.





At the tail end of last year I visited the

premises of William Lennon Bootmaker.


The Last traditional work boot manufacturer left in the UK.


It is still family run with the present custodians being the fourth generation to do so.


They are determined to keep their traditional way of manufacturing alive.


Using both techniques and machinery that are part of their heritage to help craft quality footwear.


The story is now up on the website.









Looking up at a clear night skies is always the best,

if not a little chilly at times !

Coupled with a great location like this

woodland hideaway then what’s not to like!


I’ve been adding new environmental work to the site.

So if you find you have some time while waiting

for some stars to come out then take a peep.



Have been working through some new imagery

which will soon be populating the website.


This one just feels right for a Friday morning!


I thought I would start the year off editing and retouching some of the images

shot late last year as part of my

Angles Meridian project.


These two Athletes were captured on a break

from their power walk around Pleck Park, Walsall.

More images from this set to come soon.


I  hope you all get a chance to chase

down a few rainbows this year.


Here’s to Love and Happiness in 2018.



I hope you are getting ready for some festive joy.


As soon it will be time to relax and be merry .


Have a great Christmas & Happy New year.


See you in 2018.



I visited the North East of  England a few weeks back.

While there I took the opportunity to work on my

project Angles Meridian.

It’s were it all starts with the beginning of the line.

The location is just north of Berwick Upon Tweed

between a golf course and the North Sea.

Some of the shots are up on the site now with more to come.



I’ve updated the website – thought I would get some of the new work up.

I’ve put them all over the place so you will have to have a good look through.




My shoot for Partylite’s Autumnal candle range

is now up on my site.

I would have liked to have shot the campaign in

Smell O Vision, that way you would really be able

to get the full effect of these scented candles!


The photo story I shot on the Rangers of Kinver Edge

is now out in the latest issue of the

National Trust magazine.


It was a  good day spent walking the Edge

in the company of  the Rangers,

Edwin Blunt and Ewan Chapman,

who between them have managed this area of Staffordshire for 31 years.


Hearing stories/cave dwelling/community /rock houses.

The planning of the heathland is now 30 years

later just starting to show through!


Some of my recent editorial work is starting  to be published. This was shot for the latest issue of Scientific America.


The portrait is of Christiana Figueres

who as the title states is a very important woman indeed.

While working at the UN in 2015

she coerced and orchestrated the Paris climate agreement.



More can be found about the work of Chistiana here.


Summer’s over,

so time to refresh the website

with a little update.

The National Trust folder is the first

to get a make over so please take a look.



I spotted my latest Santander work – it was shot when the weather in London was being kind to us.


Letting us have thoughts of riding around on bikes and having fun! There will be more to come, so will post them when ready.


I’ve also been adding some fresh work to the site so have a peep at that too.


Happy Holidays!


Bimble 3 seems to be going down well,

Rob Haggart has featured

it up on his blog  A Photo Editor Site,

If you would like one then let me know and

I’ll stick a stamp on it and post one out to you.



Bimble 3 is now at the Studio bringing a little brightness to an otherwise dull day.


The folding and bagging department are working

their way through a mountain of newsprint

ready to post out.


The design was once again masterfully executed by Kirk Teasdale of Enough Design .




Bright new colours are the order of the day!


With the signs of Spring firmly all around us,

I thought I would join in and produce some new folios.

Lots of new work from the best of last years shoots along with some of my favourite perennials.



Just updated the website with a selection of

new work for British Gas.

The Image Library was comissioned through OgilvyOne.

Art directed by Neal Williamson.

Prop styling  was by Laura Sawyer.

Clothes styling by Christopher Brown.

Produced by Pure Production,




In keeping with the momentous changes happening in the US at present,

I thought that I would also make my own little momentous change.


Albeit without such globally defining consequences by changing agent.

I’m now represented by i2i Photography,


I’m very happy to be part of my new movement.

So no need for protest just embrace the change!


I love a great location!

So, when the National trust commissioned me

to shoot some lifestyle for their library

and sent me to the Peak district

I was more than made up.

Some of this work is now on my site, there will be more to follow too.



September is here and so time for a little catch-up.


I’ve been working with the National Trust, which has been a great experience. With such fantastic locations it’s hard not to take a good photograph. I’ll share as soon as I can.


I’m also excited to be heading into production for an image library for a new client too.


So, I suppose it’s official, the summer is now over.

It was fun, with a good mix of trips for both work and pleasure.


So check out my instagram page for the latest #bts and randomness that make up my life.






My visit to the Geox factory in Treviso Italy  is now up on the website. The work shows off both the people and the process of producing Geox shoes.


Angles Meridian update….
I’m using the OS map’s 00 cordinates,
exploring its highways and byways –
travelling along a virtual corridor from
Northumberland to Dorset.

The latest additions to this project were
all made along OS map 173 and 184,
Swindon to Sailsbury,
just in case you were wondering.


The new lifestyle work for Nestle is now on the site.

These shoots sure do have their perks.

Getting paid in chocolate made me very popular at home!


Part of the work I have shot for the Italian shoe brand Geox is now appearing online.

The New : Do range of shoes is a simplified and stripped back affair, just like the images!

The project was another successful collaboration with Agency Futerra.


It’s nice to see the next set of Santander ad’s are

now starting to roll out; this time it’s all about these two happy fellows.


These little creatures are Eurasian Jays ; according to Professor Nicky Clayton who researches their intelligence, are some of the smartest birds out there.

I spent the day in Cambridge with the professor shooting these little brain boxes for Audubon magazine.



My new Ad campaign for Santander has starting to roll out across the country.

Just last week I spotted them in Wiltshire,

Norfolk and London.

I’ll be posting more as and when they start appearing on billboards and bus shelters throughout the UK.





Some of the Library I shot for Capital One has been used as ad’s on Social media for a little while now.

So I’ve put a bunch of my favourite images from the set up on the website  .


Rob Haggart at A Photo Editor liked Bimble issue #1 so much that he named it as one of his favourite Newsprints  in his round up of Promos of the year 2015.

Thanks Rob and thank you Warren Beeby for doing a great design job on it.


2015 Thank you and goodbye.

We had some laughs, we had some woes.
We had some ooh’s, we had some ahh’s.
We travelled, we stayed at home.
We produced good work.
Feeling happy in leaving you behind.
But even happier walking into 2016 with a smile on my face and a desire to create good things.

Ended the year shooting for great clients and then travelling with the Family #hartsontour

Happy New Year.


The printer has delivered the latest Bimble and it’s looking good….
This time the Bimble is a study of Arkells, a Brewery with a long tradition of producing craft beer;
172 years to be exact and it’s still run by the same family.
I worked with, the inimitable Kirk Teasdale
at Enough Design to create a drinkers companion that
offers a little insight into how the beer in front of them was produced.
The Bimble will be distributed to over 100 of their pubs.
Cheers Arkells!


My latest Santander ad’s are starting to roll out.
This time they feature Jessica Ennis-Hill.
We spent a great day Shooting Jessica in and around Manchester’s vibrant Northern quarter.
Again a big thanks to the team at WCRS for making this yet another entertaining shoot and for the use of the free all day coffee pass.


The Summer is starting to feel well and truely like it’s had enough and decided to head off on it’s own holiday for another year.
So what better way to get myself back in front of the computer than to post a page full of some of my instagram moments from this summer.
If you want to see some more then go to @trevorrayhart.
Now to start working on editing through those caught memories for the folio.


Summertime – one of my stock Library images is being used for a Sainsbury Bank advertorial;

Jenson has been staying fit in between his F1 race schedule with a little lap training around the
Serpentine in Hyde park.
He has been promoting the Summer of Cycling Campaign for Santander who are sponsoring a number of special cycle events across London this summer .


The website has had a little rejig and we now have some new projects and commission up on the site.

These include The Brewery, The Golf coast and commissions from the Wildlife Trust and Santander.


It’s promo season at TRH Photography and I’m really pleased with what we have produced this time. It took a while but hey it’s been worth it.


“The Bimble” is a tabloid style newspaper that is the perfect way to show off my latest projects and commissions.


Mr Warren Beeby needs another BIG old thanks for helping produce what I hope will become a regular and popular way of showcasing my work .


The adverts that I have been shooting for Santander  through WCRS are starting to grace the billboards and newspapers of the UK.


We shot all three of the ambassadors across a number of  locations which saw us travel to the heat of Dubai, the snow of Sheffield and the rain of London.


Some of the ad’s are on the website now.


Sir David Attenborough has travelled far and wide for the sake of shooting an engaging piece to camera. But alas this time was a little more local!


As  patron of The Wildlife Trust Sir David was more than willing to let me tag along on one of his expeditions. We ventured over to Crane Park Island in Twickenham, where Sir David can sometimes be seen walking around its woodlands enjoying yet another of the Trusts urban oasis.


Even though it would have been nice to get outside of the M25 it was a great experience meeting and working with such a broadcasting Legend.


My latest collaboration with The Wildlife Trust and design company Futerra are now starting to roll out through various media across London.

The ad’s were shot at a number of the metropolises wilder locations including Sydenham Hill, Camley Street and Gunnersbury Triangle.

The ad’s feature Londoners that use these wild spaces in a number of different ways;

who are all grateful for the opportunity to use such a fulfilling urban resource.


The last few weeks have been a bit full on shooting for a mixture of clients.

I’ve traveled from the heat of Dubai to the snow covered streets of South Yorkshire.

I also spent some time in a few makeshift outdoor studios trying not to freeze to the bone.

But I did  get to photograph one of this country’s  favorite broadcasters which was very cool experience.








My Cancer Research Ad’s that were shot for AMV BBDO have been popping up all over the place which is great and they are looking really good.


A big thanks must  go out to everyone who helped on the shooting of these ad’s as it was a proper team effort.


The art direction was courtesy of Rich Littler

and Zac Ellis. Katie Callaghan from AMV and Nina Cowen from Pure working their production magic and Stylist Sharron Daly doing what she does best. Thank you all for helping to create and pulling off a great job.



The January issue of Audubon Magazine is now out and it features my cover story of Ashley Heers an evolutionary biologist.


She is exploring the links between dinosaurs and the evolution of flight by studying their closest living examples the bird.


In this case a handful of day old guinea fowl chicks! She is filming them with an x-ray video that shows the biomechanics of the chicks first attempts at flight and collecting evidence that strongly links them to their prehistoric avian cousins.


All facinating stuff don’t you know!




Happy New Year one and all.


Let us start this year off with a Job that I did when the Sun was still high in the sky and there was enough daylight to go around for everyone!


Just before Christmas I recieved the first instalement of ad’s that I have been shooting for The Wildlife Trust. But who wants to see them when your head is full of present buying and party’s so here they are better late than never.


This set were all shot along the beautiful Dorset coastline. We focused on people that have a special  connection with that landscape . This image Shows the father and son combo of Tom and Finn who spend as much time as they can enjoying the surf and beaches around their part of Dorset.


The best of the rest are up on the site so take a look.


Here’s to a great 2015.


I’ve spent the last couple of weeks immersed in a world of science. Shooting a campaign that’s set in a lab means that there are often some very cool things laying around.


Unfortunately on closer examination the dummy on the left was unable to reveal how big his brain really was!


I’m finally able to share some of the imagery from the brand new Image library for Barclays Bank.


The creative library features reportage, portraiture and incidentals shot in and around

the banks Canary Wharf headquarters. Along with more intimate shots of their employees outside of the office or while working from home.


It was a great project to be involved in . Working with a fantastic team and employee’s  who made it a lot of fun.





Friday = Guinness = New work for AMV London.


The next round of Guinness Africa “Black is not a colour”

Ad’s are now live.

This time the Ad features Stanley Enow a rapper from

the Cameroon.

Again this project was a collaboration with the very talented

Painter Steve Caldwell and Illustrator Dan Funderburgh.



Just finished another labour of love.


I now have a new Editorial portfolio.

With all its freshly printed pages it’s looking so good.


Now to get it out there and under the noses of those people that matter.



I spent the last weekend in the beautiful Isle of Purbeck. Shooting  in and around Kimmeridge Bay for a client . Nearly didn’t get there though due to my car having a bit of a meltdown, but after commandeering an alternative vehicle I was back on route. Although Four people with bags and bags of camera equipment in a Polo don’t make for an easy ride around the hills of Purbeck!



Here is a little behind the scenes picture from a recent shoot. Thank you Tilly Hardy for supplying your legs.


We were admiring the proofs from the new

Guinness Africa ad’s that painter Steve Caldwell

and illustrator Dan Funderburgh and myself

collaborated on.

They were shot for AMVBBDO London

and Art Directed by Ant Nelson.


By the way the ad’s are up and on a street near you if you happen to live in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon or Kenya !

So if you do see one please snap a shot and send it to me as I would love to see it in situ!


So it’s official, the summer is now on it’s way out.

My shorts are getting a little longer and my socks have started the steady climb up my legs to meet them.
To illustrate that timing is everything I have a couple of images on @featureshoot’s slideshow of  New York’s favourite summer day trip, Coney Island.


The Printer has been fired up and is now spitting out new images for my folio’s.
I love this bit, playing around with the images on paper.
Getting the right look and feel into the print and
having a collection of images that we hope will
be a big hit!


Back from our travels and now sitting in front of a computer again with a stack of images to edit and folio’s to print.
Thank you Denmark and Sweden for emptying my bank balance but because it was a great trip I’ll forgive you!


It’s Friday, it’s raining and it’s been an age since I posted anything….I’ve tried to get into the habit of taking the ubiquitous “behind-the-Scenes-Shot ” but I keep forgetting! Without this device how can I share with you the curious and varied world I frequent.

I must do better and present you the reader with much more engaging blog posts. In the meantime please accept my sincerest apologies and here is a sort of “BTS”shot . It’s of a plate of food, lovingly prepared for me the other week by my dear Mother as I stayed with her overnight between jobs.


It’s Liver and Bacon if you are wondering and apparently it’s my favourite!





I’ve been working on a brand Library over the past couple of weeks with the good people of Landor .


The work is now in the editing phase and as you can see from the image above its going to take a little time!



I was back in the North West within a couple of days for another editorial assignment; this time for a US magazine who asked me to do a travel piece on the British Golf Coast !


Not being a golfer I was completely unaware that we actually had an area called the Golf Coast. Just so you know it runs from Southport in the North to Hoylake in the south.


The Beaches and surrounding area are amazing, the weather was great and the people were really friendly too.


The job was a complete joy to do and the edit is looking sweet so as soon as the images are published I’ll share them on the site. For now you can see some iphone snaps from my travels.


I’ve been a bit slow on the blog front lately, I really need to remember to do it as soon as things happen but hey it’s Friday and the sun is out so today is going to be catch up Friday.


Lets start with a trip to Liverpool that I did a couple of weeks ago.


I was asked to shoot a portrait of Jenni Hicks. Jenni lost her two daughters Sarah and Vicky in the Hillsborough disaster.  She has been one of the campaigners involved in pursuing the truth behind what really happened to the 96 Hillsborough victims on that day in July 89.


She’s a fantastic character with a sharp and witty personality who has such dignity and  honour for the memory of her  two daughters. I’ll post the image when it gets published and hopefully it will show her endearing qualities.


Just as the radio starts filling up with talk about this years festival line up’s my Carphone Warehouse ad has gone live. Thanks to everyone involved including Sharron, Alice & Tom for making it a fun and successful shoot.

………Oh and thanks to Mary my Osteopath for sorting my back out after packing up all those flipping tents !


I had a very pleasant surprise the other day. One of my many images that I syndicate through Gallery Stock actually made it into an ad for one of my favorite things


The model was very smug about being in an ad too. Even though her face was not going

to be seen! And a little confused as to where her

plate of fish fingers and tomato sauce had gone!!




The images I shot when it was cold and wintry for Clydesdale Bank with Karmarama are now up in their own little folder , so take a look!



Here is a shot of how the work looked at JWT once I had managed the journey  to London.
Did I mention that I have a bad back at the mo!


The tail end of last week was spent nursing a sore back caused by unpacking and packing up all those tents!…

I also had to sort out some new prints and the frames to add to my show “Common Ground”.

It’s touring around Ad Agencies and will be at

JWT London for the next Month.


I spent Wednesday of last week pretending it was the  height of summer and we were in full festival mode. Setting up one tent can be a real challenge at the best of times, but 15 in one morning is an absolute killer!   Unbelievably the sun was being kind to us as it kept shining all day long! So we cracked open the factor 40 and saved the embarrassment of having to go back home with a bright pink face!!



So today’s the day that I officially roll out my new website.

A big thank you to Mr Warren Beeby and Mr Jim Groome

for their brilliance in working out how to make this

one cool looking site.




So let’s have a banana split with a cherry on top to celebrate!



Enjoy !




I received a email  last Friday from the BBC asking if I could lay my hands on some old images of Damon Albarn and his Dad Keith that I shot for the Independent back in the day. They wanted to use them in the Culture show special that they were putting together. Amazingly I found them without even breaking a sweat!

It’s nice to see some images come to life again after all those years of living in a box.






Happy Friday,

I got a couple of my shots in the  latest feature shoot competition “flower arrangements”



Thank you Matthew Leifheit of Vice Magazine http://www.mattemagazine.org/


I like It Thursday !






Portrait of Donald Cartwright and Nick Osborne of Colley’s restaurant with their pulled pork special! Shot for the February issue of Crumbs magazine.